Two targets in the mind of a man are happiness and success. Everyone wants happiness, but keys to happiness are unknown to most of us and we shall try to understand it.

Apparently, it seems easy to be happy and successful, but if we observe the society, it seems too difficult task to be achieved. In spite of scientific improvement, still there is anger, hatred, uneasiness and boredom.

To know about the basic keys to happiness and success, we shall have to remind our lost power of super conscious mind.

There are two main qualities of super conscious mind: one, it remains in present; two, it is full of possibilities. When we are in childhood phase, we enjoy these qualities. We don’t think about the past or future but live in the present which becomes very difficult after childhood.

For children, everything seems possible but when they are grown up, they are full of doubts and fears and things appear impossible for them. Actually, our conscious mind is controlled by sub-conscious mind which is the combination of some beliefs. Here belief means viewpoint.

Nature has sent us, in this world, with possibilities but society injects in us the doubts of impossibilities.

My guru Qaiser Abbas says

Possibilities are unlimited

It is our fear that limits us

5 keys to Remove Pain and Remain Happy

Now I share with you the ways to remove pain and experience happiness.

Ignoring others’ opinions about us

The prime reason for our sorrows is others’ opinions about us. We become happy if others appreciate us and unhappy if others depreciate us.

Reluctantly, we become the passengers of our life instead of becoming the drivers. Among the 5 keys to happiness, the first key to happiness is what you think about yourself. If you feel that what you are doing is right and justified, you ought to keep on doing that despite people’s contradictory opinions and views. But you should have mentors and gurus to guide you in complicated situations where you are unable to take decisions appropriately.

No comparison with others

The second key to happiness is that you degrade yourself by comparing your skills, knowledge and attainments with others. God has created distinctively everybody but you compare yourself with others and as a result suffer pain.

If comparison is essential, compare your present with your past and this thing will give you a clue of self-improvement.

In my point view, comparison is the disrespect of the creation of the Creator. So, to find out the true potential of life, you need to know the core value of your personality which God has bestowed on you.

Detachment- the essence of happiness

Another thing to make us painful is attachment. Attachment with the things and people is a big reason of our sorrows.

We start feeling that factory is ours, they are mine etc. Here we commit a mistake of considering all these things as our property and we become the owner of that particular thing; in reality, nature has given us a chance to enjoy and cherish that particular thing for a particular time. People have been committing this mistake since centuries.

Not expectations from others

The last but not least is expectation from others. If we want to remain happy, we should expect less from others because expectations not fulfilled give us pain.

A great playwright William Shakespeare has said that expectation is the root cause of heartache. When you grow your children, don’t think that they will be serving us when grown up; rather consider it as your responsibility to serve your family in the best possible way.

Not expectations from others

Work not only on their physical growth and mental health, but also on their emotional and spiritual growth and they will eventually oblige both family and the world and it will be an outstanding input from your side to hoist the standard of life on this planet, Earth.

Attitude of gratitude      


Attitude of gratitude is the basis of keys of happiness and mega success as you become satisfied with the pace of your current life. Some people might disagree from my point of view but I just want to say that desire to go ahead may lead to touch the skies but may snatch your happiness.

For being a happy person, you need to be happy with your present situation showing attitude of gratitude, but keep on struggling to achieve what you have targeted by positive thinking.

In a nutshell

These 5 keys to happiness will help you in regaining your lost happiness and if you are spending your life by following these keys to happiness, do share it with others as much as possible and contribute to make this world a better place to live.

Wish you a happy and successful life.