Defining Success

            Becoming a successful person is the crucial aim of every individual’s life. Normally, when we hear the word “Success”, we think of wealth, prosperity and respect. Here, we make mistake by misunderstanding it. Many people think that earning a lot of money and getting respect from others, is “Success” which is not the case. The definition for “Success” may vary from person to person. Success Beliefs

Suppose, to be the best writer in the city is the goal of a person. If he hits his target, we can say that he has got success. Many people think of becoming a doctor; it is their goal. Similarly, a businessman thinks of multiplying his business which is his goal. In a nutshell, achieving one’s own goals and targets is the real success.

How you can Increase the Chances of Getting Success

            It is no doubt that the path to success is piled up with failures, however, the possibilities to be a victorious can be multiplied using some highly effective success beliefs. These beliefs are coming forth which are also found to be common among all the successful people. Such success beliefs will amplify your productivity and effectiveness, sharpen your abilities and focus to a great extent by pushing you toward your aim and will help you hitting the bull’s eye.

1.      Believe that Opportunities Never Knock at the Door

                There are two types of people in the world on the basis of dreams; ones who don’t let their saw to be sharpened waiting for a high time and the openings to knock at the door, hence, face failure; while the others who turn over new leaves creating opportunities for themselves and smoothening their roads to the sky.

            Rather than waiting, all the success people believe in hard work as it sharpens their saw, establishes better connections with others and exposes opportunities also. Opportunities never avail themselves to the people who just wait for them and don’t put their efforts on the right track. The people who have the thirst for success, opportunities appear in the form of water in front of them. Now, it is up to them, how and how much they drink from these wells of opportunities.

Believe that Opportunities

            This success belief will produce a wave in you for working hard and make you feel thirsty for your goal which consequently, will produce opportunities making hard and rough route soft and smooth to your destination.

2.      Believe in Choosing Success Instead of Failure

                It is a Chinese saying, “They can because they think, they can” giving us a message that we should have the belief of getting success. Ordinary people wish and pray for success but extraordinary individuals choose success just by dint of hard work and by offering their blood, sweat and tears.

There are no shortcuts to the success; you have to get to it by bumpy roads. No matter how many times you fall on the way; the only thing that matters, is you keep on moving ahead toward your destination. It is you who will decide what you want, “Success” or “Failure”. You should have this success belief that you fail only when you stop trying. The wise choose success by virtue of countless efforts and the dumb only wish for success. It is up to you now, what you want to be? “An inspiration” or “A lesson” for others.

3.     Believe in Being the Best Instead of being the First (Success Beliefs)

            The population of the world comprises of more than seven billion people which means that there is probability that the things you do, may also be performed by the others. Now, we reduce our scale from world to city level and we shall come to know that a large number of people are doing the same business as you; which has resulted in competition.

While starting a business, majority of the people think of being the very first in that business in order to make quick progress, however, they fail because of not providing a good service. Every consumer makes sure that the products he buys, worth the money he will pay. All the successful people believe in quality work and have a success belief that being the best is better than being the first which helps them in excelling in the business and leads them toward a successful journey.

For instance, a large number of online shopping services are available worldwide, despite that, we choose the best for us. Why? Because we make sure that we are making a right choice and the money we are going to spend rewards us the best. Here is another example which elaborates that quality is more important than quantity. “Best quality Smartphone Company”, reading this line, you must have thought of “Apple” or “Samsung” as I did. What makes them so special? The thing is, they prefer quality over quantity.

4.      Believe in Seeking and Applying New Ideas

With every passing day, researches are being conducted concerning various topics and modern tech is also being improved which are devising enhanced methods and procedures. Every company or man will have to be equipped with modern ideas and technology keeping pace with the world for getting and making the success a permanent asset. If a company doesn’t understand the need of present era and doesn’t take necessary steps, it is going to be vanquished as it has happened to Nokia (A mobile phone company).

Believe in Seeking and Applying New Ideas

In the past, Nokia was the giant in field of top quality mobile phone manufacturing. It would use an operating system called Symbian for their mobiles. Google released Android OS for mobiles in September, 2008. In 2011, Nokia rejected Android and remained stick to its old OS called Symbian which led it towards failure because the world had a better alternative (Android) for Symbian.

In short, you should always be looking forward for change as it reveals new opportunities. Successful people have a success belief that one should always worship new ideas because ordinary people worship personality and great people worship ideas but the greatest people work on ideas.

5.      Believe that you have Adequate Ability to Start

Many people have dreams and a few of them make their dreams true by cause of hard work. Many people lose before playing because they don’t participate. They think that they are not ready for it. They spend their whole lives developing skills and thinking that they don’t have favorable circumstances. Thus, all end up in smoke. You must believe that you have enough to start. Don’t be a perfectionist but try to be the best. Gear up yourself and start with what you have. As the time goes by, you will have the conditions in your control.

6.      Believe that you don’t have to Please Everybody

Earth is accommodated with 7 billion people who are different from each other at mental level; their thoughts, behaviors and vision may vary from person to person. One thing can be pleasing for you; the same thing can prove frustrating for others. A person who tries to make everyone happy, he himself becomes depressed.

Believe that you don’t have to Please Everybody

Understand that people will always criticize you because they are not great but you are; because you are the one who is not criticizing but working. Let the people criticize you and keep on improving yourself. One day, they will be forced to follow you because of your success. You should have this success belief as it will play a key role in getting success when you will be going through perplexing situations.

7.      Believe that Success Requires Time (Success Beliefs)

Suppose, you want to become a physician. Is it possible for you to be a physician over night? Certainly not because you have to go through a complete process for that. Similarly, you should be consistent and regular. If you are not enjoying the success, understand that you didn’t complete the process of success.

8.       Believe that Failures are the Steps to the Success

Is there anyone who want to be a loser? The answer is no because it is in human nature that he doesn’t like rejections or failures. But the real question is, why do people fail? They fail owing to lack of consistency and motivation. They stop working when they face some challenges. On the other hand, the people who want their names to be glittering see hurdles as the stairs towards their destination by climbing these stairs they achieve their sparkling success.

Two types of people are: the losers and the winners. Those who don’t succeed call it failure and stop trying, are the losers and those who see it as a way that just don’t work are called the winners. Now, the question is, who are you? A Loser or a Winner. ‘Failure is the step to the success’ is such a success belief that it will motivate you for adopting other strategy for accomplishing your goals.

Success Beliefs