True parents are need of the time that can develop considerable code of conduct for the betterment and advancement of the society in positive sense. It is a vivid fact that truth is evergreen and true person is admired. Truth leads us toward divine bliss and true happiness.

They are open-minded and considered to be close to God. In this sense one point comes into mind that true parents are the parents who lead spiritual life and can be very mystic people.

True parents bring up their children in the environment of frankness. They transfer moral codes not only in their offspring but also in other people who live in their surrounding. They try to keep their children away from social evils that disrupt the society. They want to form an ideal society with positive outlook through their offspring or generation. The sole aim of true parents is to promote peace in the world with their universal thought.   

True Parents response

Every parent should be an example of true parents having universal thinking. Being an example of true parents, you can do wonders by guiding your child in an international way of collective positive behavior. You should teach your child codes of conduct on world level which are considered to be beneficial.

Qualities of true parents

The following qualities you must have to be a true parent.

Truthfulness- a key to true parents

It is an acknowledged fact that truth is evergreen because it is admired and respected everywhere throughout the world. As a true parent, you can drive your child on right track which will lead your child to true happiness or eternal bliss. A child normally follows her elders and adopts her elders’ qualities.

In the same way, your child, observing you and pacing on your footsteps, will become a truthful child. And as a result, she would also become true like you in practical life.

Honesty- a reason to trust on you

True parents are always honest and they like honesty.  It is truth that honest people are admired everywhere and even foes praise the honest people. A true parent, being honest, wants her child to be honest also. It is a common study that when your child observes your honesty and, seeing that everyone respects you because of your honesty, she also adopts honesty and becomes honest. In this way, she enjoys honor like you.

parent being honest

As an honest parent, you bring up your child in an honest atmosphere. Resultantly, your child will achieve the same name, fame and respect by being honest and show others the light that leads toward truth, happiness and satisfaction in true sense.


A true parent is always frank in talking and advising others. Your frankness with your child will bring your child close to you and your relationship with your child will be consolidated in this way. From the beginning, when your child is toddler, she tries to imitate you. What ever you do she struggles to do the same. So, in such age, it is not difficult for you to indulge her in such activities to make her truthful, honest and frank.

Positive thinking

A true parent always thinks positively and due to her positivity, she earns name and fame in the society. Being true parent, your positive attitude inculcates optimism, courage and confidence in your child. As a result, she does not lose heart and success and peace is in your child’s lap due to your positivity.


Sincerity is the key to win others’ heart and a true parent is always sincere with her job which helps her gain respect and good name in the society.  Being sincere parent, you develop sincerity and positive attitude regarding family, friends, faith, work and society in your child. And in the long run, your child becomes sincere in every aspect of life.

In a nutshell

Different philosophies regarding true parents exist at worldwide level but here in this article, we have tried to cover only primary qualities acceptable throughout the world. These qualities are truthfulness, honesty, frankness, positive thinking, and sincerity. No doubt, there can be many other qualities of true parents, but if parents observe at least these qualities, they can be excellent in true parenting.